Getting Started

ContentSprout AI is a premier AI writing tool that is designed to create blog content that ranks with little to no edits.

The newest version of the tool launched 2/2/24 and it brings many changes. If you joined during beta, you'll notice some changes. The sidebar menu has a few options.

Dashboard will contain update messages and video guides. Be on the lookout for new updates. Projects is where you will live. This contains your websites and it contains your articles. Topics is the old topic map system and it helps ideate content. Billing is where you go to access your subscription. Affiliate program is available to all who wish to join. We offer 25% lifetime recurring. Credits are listed on the side along with a green button to add more credits. The cost of each credit is different for each subscription tier. Plagiarism and AI detection credits are shown below your main credits. PLEASE NOTE: This feature is being developed and DOES NOT work. This should be resolved by 3/1/24. If you gave a feature request or a bug to report, you can click share that with us. We appreciate your help in making the tool better.

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